Acceleration The Tortoise and the Hare 8:25

Speed vs. Velocity 2;10

Speed, Velocity, Acceleration 3:18


Forces & Motion Basics pHet lab:

Moving Man pHet lab:

Newton's 1st Law of Motion/Law of Inertia 3:40

Inertia Demo 1:07

Law of Inertia 5:24

Newton's 1st Law - Science of NFL Football 3:52

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion 1:36

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion - Science of NFL Football 3:52

Newton's 3rd Law 1:31

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion - Science of NFL Football 4:12

A force is a push or a pull 2:03

Point of Refence



Reference Frames - world

Frames of Reference 1960 video

Interactive Activities

Relative Motion in a Subway Station Interactive Activity

Consider this…. Many things that happen in sports are affected by the amount of “running start” or initial speed that the athlete can produce.

Running Start Video Clips basketball skateboarding hockey gymnastics pole vaulting horse jumping long jumping hang gliding lacrosse cricket

  • What determines the amount of horizontal distance a basketball player travels while “hanging” in the air for a slam dunk?
  • How do hockey players keep moving across the ice at high speeds without “pumping” their skates?
  • Why do the best long jumpers have to build up so much speed before they jump?

Bill Nye - Motion

Bill Nye Motion Schooltube 19:55 min

Real World Science: Forces full video 18 min

Force: Push or Pull (Discovery Ed) 3:14 min (part of above video)

Physical Science: Forces and Gravity (Disc Ed) 20:20 min

Intro to Forces part of above video (Discovery Ed) 3:21 min

Sir Isaac Newton's 3 Laws of Motion (Disc Ed) 13:56

PhET Simulation
Forces and Motion Basics (Cart)

Once you connect to the link, below, click on the orange rectangle ("Run in HTML5") under the simulation picture to make this work on an iPad.

Forces and Motion: Basics
Click to Run

Magic School Bus Plays Ball Friction

Isaac Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

Real World Science: Forces (Discovery Education) 19:09 min

Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws of Motion (Disc Ed) 4:46 min

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion & Review (Disc Ed) 3:00 min